Honnete Mercantiles Investment Group Ltd

Our Approach

We have a standardised business model for how we approach all of our investment ventures and programs which gives our partners a high level outline of what to expect from working with us.

Identify & Review
We are consistently looking to invest and embolden business opportunities which are either starting out, or are experiencing issues realising their true potential. Once these have been identified, the Board of Directors will review these opportunities to establish if the opportunity is appropriate for our investment, if we have the skills and expertise to assist, and if the opportunity to willing to be acquired by us.
Initial Planning & Acquisition
If an opportunity is suitable and willing for our investment, we will work with them to develop an initial high level plan for what the acquisition will look like, costs, expectations, and an agreement for how the venture will move forward under our leadership.
Develop the Strategy
We develop a strategy for the venture to set out objectives and a scope that will be used to shape the detailed planning stages.
Rationalise the Operations
We look at the processes, assets, and personnel the venture are utilising, and map out which of these are actually core business.
Business Planning
Budgeting and resource allocation is undertaken in accordance with the broader strategy.
Coach to Succeed
Partners are mentored as they run their own venture as we provide ongoing guidance.
Streamline & Focus
Wastage in processes and effort are identified and removed to focus on what's important.
Equip to Succeed
Development of core assets and resources is undertaken to ensure objectives can be met.
Measure Against Objectives
At designated milestones, we measure the success of our ventures against the Strategy and Business plans to enable the venture to maintain awareness of how they are tracking against their objectives.
After months, typically, the venture will be stabilised and operating with the feeling of business as usual. At this point, we enter the maintenance phase were we monitor progess on a quarterly basis, and continue to work with and mentor our partners to optimise and refine the strategy, plans, processes, and resources.
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